Become part of the Donations Economy and get rewarded for contributing to the non-profit projects you care about.

How it works

Whenever you donate to your favorite nonprofit cause or association, TrustMeUp rewards you with digital tokens (1 Euro = 1 PAC) that can be used for purchases inside the TrustMeUp shopping gallery.

Make donations

Make one-off or recurring donations from the TrustMeUp Personal Banking app or at

Use your PACs

Use your PACs as discounts when you do shopping from affiliated merchants offline and online using your TrustMeUp Visa debit card.

Be part of the new Donations Economy

Support the causes you care about and have every donation 100% transformed into digital tokens that you can use when shopping inside our marketplace. It’s that simple!

Download the TrustMeUp Personal Banking app now to open your account, order your card and get started.

Why open TrustMeUp Personal account?

A TrustMeUp Personal account gives you much more than a debit card and a way to store and spend your PACs tokens…

The TrustMeUp Personal account and PAC Visa card features and benefits include:

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Quick set-up

No dull paperwork or endless queuing at banks. Open your account and order your card in just a few clicks.
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Family Banking

Share your account with your family and issue up to 4 physical and 5 virtual cards for each member. As an Account Owner, you can control access levels by defining user roles for Card Holders and manage it all from your TrustMeUp Personal Digital Banking app.
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Both the mobile and web apps are a pleasure to use offering language options, instant notifications, an advanced search function and integrated chat assistance. You can set up categories, download invoices for all donations you make and request spending reports.
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Near real-time money transfers

Make faster payments with SEPA Instant, a new bank transfer technology that processes euro transactions in seconds, 24/7.
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Complex and expensive currency exchange is a thing of the past. Choose from a range of currencies to make and receive payments with no hassle.
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Even more rewards

Aside from earning PACs every time you use TrustMeUp, being a TrustMeUp Personal account holder means you will receive special discounts with participating stores whenever you use your PAC debit card, whether you have PAC tokens or not!
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Rest assured that TrustMeUp Personal Banking uses the best security that tech has to offer. With us you are safe.

Our Pricing

Opening a TrustMeU paccount is free. Any other charges are listed here. Nothing hidden, ever.
Mobile and web app
Issue family cards
Debit cardper card
Virtual cardper card
Schedule recurring payments
SEPA in-out
Convert & send in 30+ currenciesper transaction (swift)
ATM transactionper transaction
TrustMeUp to TrustMeUp
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Scan & pay
Card-to-card payments
Spending rewards
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