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Being present in TrustMeUp means increasing your sales and retaining your customers by doing good.

Capture the new digital consumers and donors: with TrustMeUp you have the simple solution to increase your sales and your brand reputation.
Our platform creates real opportunities to build customer loyalty and promote your brand, product or service, to target communities and users who have discounts called PACs.
It works as a powerful sales driver and advertising tool dedicated to all users and donors of the platform.
TrustMeUp is the simple solution to grow your turnover and your brand's corporate social responsibility.

Benefits for your online store

The New Generation of Donations and Online Shopping

Totally free membership and presence with your own showcase, inside the TrustMeUp Commercial Gallery.

Acquire new customers

Thanks to TrustMeUp, you will have access to a large number of users ready to buy because they have PAC discounts (1 Euro = 1 PAC). The discounts can only be used at the stores present in the TrustMeUp Commercial Gallery, based on the discounts defined by you.

Retain your customers

Each purchase allows your customers to make a donation to the charity they prefer, according to the PAC discount percentage that your online store decides to reserve for this purpose. This is possible thanks to TrustMeUp's channel cost that is cheaper than traditional marketplaces.

Improve the Corporate Social Responsibility of your Brand

By allowing your customers to donate a part of the cost of their purchases for free, you will increase your store reputation and will always be their first choice. Who wouldn't want to shop in a store that allows its customers to do good?

Boost your visibility

You will have a showcase dedicated to your shop inside the TrustmeUp Commercial Gallery as well as the opportunity to show PAC offers or special promotions for free.

Dedicated Support Team

You will have a dedicated team at your disposal that will help you create your user profile and your commercial showcase. We will also support you in integrating your online store with our platform through simple plug-ins. The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.
Some of the Merchants that already work with us:
Enrolling is simple, we do it for you:
  • We create your online store profile
  • We set up your showcase
  • We define PAC discounts together
  • We connect your store to the platform

In few minutes you can sell to the digital donors and consumers.

join as non-profit

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