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We believe that every campaign must be valued as its best and that's why we work every day to improve the donors' experiences. We do it thanks to our innovative fundraising models; on the one hand we reward each donor 100% with PAC discounts for each donation: Donate-Receive-Buy.
On the other hand, we allow digital consumers to allocate part of the sums spent on their purchases, as a donation.

Benefits for your Charity

The new generation of donations

Access to a new transparent fundraising channel at NO COST for your supporters.

Two innovative models to reward your donors

All donors are rewarded 100% with discounts called PACs (1 Euro = 1 PAC) that can be used within our PAC Offers, allowing to get discounts on all purchases made in the PAC Stores. With the Donate By Shopping feature, a part of each purchase is transformed into a donation.

Become a "Favorite Charity"

Thanks to DonateByShopping, TrustMeUp transforms every purchase into a donation. You will be able to be chosen as the preferred charity of digital consumers present in TrustMeUp. You will receive a donation for every purchase made by them in our Commercial Gallery.

Transparency and security

All donations made are credited to your account and registered through blockchain technology. This guarantees everyone maximum transparency and security in the use of the platform.

Custom dashboard

After registering your charity, you will have access to a dashboard that will allow you to manage and edit your profile, your active campaigns and create new ones. You can also download the list of supporters and donations received for free.

A team at your disposal!

From the onboarding process to all your needs, you will always have our support team available to reduce management times and improve your experience of using the platform.
Some of the Charities that already work with us:
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